Top 8 Best TEC Infrared Grills (Reviews) in 2021

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TEC is a reputable company that goes way back, started around forty years ago. They are well known for their powerful grills. Their grills were known to be the hottest and perfect when searing meat.TEC-Infrared-Grill-Reviews

Today, they are majoring in the production of infrared grills. As you might have noticed their TEC infrared grills are quite different from the others, from the design to the powerfulness. Believing that is what has pushed you to get the best infrared gas grill, then it’s high time you get to know my play here.

I’m an experienced, grilling enthusiast and I have tried and reviewed lots of grilling units that I believe give my fellow grilling enthusiasts the chance to experience the best flavor and take their grilling to the next level.

In this article, I have given you the top best TEC infrared grill reviews and help you purchase the best one. I have also given you a buyer’s guide to help you make sure you buy the right and perfect model for your needs. So, let’s get to it.

8 Best TEC Infrared Grills Reviewed for 2021

1. TEC Cherokee CHFRLP FR – Tabletop Gas Grill

TEC Cherokee CHFRLP FR - Tabletop Gas GrillI start with the TEC Cherokee FR Gas Grill. It’s a portable tabletop grill that road warriors, sports fans and the backyard chefs will love.

The efficiency and portability of this CHFRLP cannot be matched with any other infrared grill. The infrared burners fitted to this grill blast more than 13,000 BTUs which is quite enough heat to the 201sq inches of cooking space.

The TEC infrared technology employed on this grill provides even heat distribution while eliminating moisture loss. That allows you to create delicious meals packed with the best-charbroiled flavor.


  • Reliable 1lb LP gas cylinder regulator
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel burner
  • The brushed aluminum outer surface
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Flare resistant


  • Preheating takes long
  • Expensive of its kind

2. Tec G Sport Portable – FR Infrared Gas Grill

Tec G Sport Portable - FR Infrared Gas GrillThe next best TEC infrared grill is the TEC G Sport Infrared Gas Grill. It’s designed to be used with multiple applications.

It’s a unit that can be used in slow cooking, smoking or high-temperature searing all with 100 percent infrared energy. The unit comes with one 23-inch infrared flare-resistant burner and a 20lb liquid propane cylinder regulator.

That makes it an ideal infrared grill to carry while going for camping, tailgating, or when having any outdoor grilling. As a countertop/tabletop unit, this G-Sport FR IR gas grill is the only full-size gas grill tested and approved for use on the combustible surface like wood.


  • Stainless steel outer structure
  • Removable interior trim panels
  • Reliable Electronic Ignition
  • Removable debris tray
  • Conventional cooking
  • Easy to transport


  • Somehow heavy
  • Low fuel efficiency

3. TEC G-Sport FR – Propane-Fueled (Commercial quality)

TEC G-Sport FR - Propane-Fueled (Commercial quality)My third item in this TEC infrared grill reviews is the TEC G-Sport FR Gas Grill. It’s a freestanding propane-fueled gas grill that comes with two wheels. It provides a high-end, durable and portable infrared gas grill.

The model is made from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel materials that ensures a durable and long-lasting product. Its unique infrared burner is quite powerful as it provides a robust 22,000 BTUs across its 309sq inches cooking area.

The product also features a stainless steel pedestal that provides a perfect grill base allowing you to create a BBQ hotspot.


  • High-performance infrared grilling power
  • Commercial quality construction
  • Stainless steel pedestal base
  • Infrared burner system
  • Radiant glass panels


  • Quite heavy and expensive

4. TEC Sterling Patio 2 – with Handcrafted Hood

TEC Sterling Patio 2 - with Handcrafted HoodIf you have got a patio that you need to equip with an infrared gas grill, then you might need to check out this TEC Sterling Patio 2 IR Natural Gas Grill. It comes as a freestanding natural gas BBQ grill featuring a handcrafted hood.

It provides high-performance infrared grilling power making it a great model to incorporate into your outdoor kitchen. For long-term durability, this STPFR2NTISL infrared grill features 304 stainless steel construction.

The powerful and efficient burner design allows upper-level infrared grilling while also offering conventional radiant cooking.


  • High-performance infrared burner
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Conventional radiant cooking
  • Long-term durability design
  • Stainless steel pedestal
  • Handcrafted hood


  • Require regular maintenance
  • Reported cases of rusting

5. TEC Sterling Grill – Freestanding Natural Gas BBQ

TEC Sterling Grill - Freestanding Natural Gas BBQYes, I might have given you an option for your outdoor kitchen and patio, one isn’t always enough. The TEC Sterling Patio 2 reviewed here can also be a great deal for you.

It’s a freestanding unit that comes with two side shelves and a half warming rack. It’s a natural gas-fueled, so all you will need is to plumb it to your home natural gas line. The model’s stainless steel construction provides it with the best durability and the ability to withstand weather elements and rusts.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Conventional radiant cooking
  • Stainless steel pedestal
  • Efficient burner design
  • Handcrafted hood
  • Two side shelves


  • Meer heat leak
  • Preheating takes long

6. TEC Infrared Propane Gas Grill – with All Latest Features

TEC Infrared Propane Gas Grill - with All Latest FeaturesThe TEC Patio 1 Infrared Gas Grill is also a freestanding grilling unit that comes with a pedestal stand. The stand allows you to use it wherever you want without worrying about stability.

It comes as a new and improved grill from TEC. It also comes with an innovative grilling system that allows it to deliver high searing temperatures, around 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and moderate cooking temperatures of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Quite impressive, I would say.

I would furthermore like to note that this unit comes with the best and reliable gas ignition system I have ever come across.


  • 200-900 degree temperature range
  • Rapid 10 minute heat-up times
  • Patented radiant glass panels
  • Self-cleaning cooking surface
  • No messy drip pan to clean


  • Expensive of its kind
  • Only one burner

7. TEC Patio FR Infrared – Shelves and Warming Rack

TEC Patio FR Infrared - Shelves and Warming RackThe next one is TEC Patio 1 infrared gas grill, very similar to the previous one but smaller. It also comes with a warming rack and two-side shelves for an extra working space.

The TEC Patio 1 grill provides high-performance infrared grilling thanks to its powerful FR infrared burner. The TEC infrared grill also provides around 30,000 BTUs of heat over the 296 square inch cooking surface.

Additionally, this grill uses the TEC Infrared Technology to create even heat distribution while also preventing moisture loss allowing the creation of charbroiled flavor-packed meals.


  • High-performance infrared burner
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Even heat distribution
  • Long-term durability
  • Two side shelves


  • Takes long to cook
  • Quite heavy for portability

8. TEC Patio FR Infrared Grill – with Two Side Shelves

TEC Patio FR Infrared Grill - with Two Side ShelvesThe TEC Patio 1 Infrared Grill is yet another freestanding model with two-side shelves. It uses natural gas to provide high-end infrared grilling.

The model is made from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel ensuring a durable, quality product. It uses an innovative infrared burner which creates a professional-style grilling. The single powerful burner produced more than 30,000 BTUs over the entire 296sq inch cooking space.

The unique, radiant glass panel is there to ensure heat is evenly distributed preventing hot and cold zones thus keeping your food flavorful and moist.


  • Sturdy, durable stainless steel construction
  • Unique, the reliable infrared burner system
  • Black powder-coated metal pedestal
  • An effective radiant glass panel
  • Reliable electronic ignition
  • Two side shelves


  • Flimsy side shelves
  • Requires some maintenance

Best TEC Infrared Grills [Buyer’s Guide]

Before you make your purchase decision, you need to have a few specifications to remember to make sure you make a wise decision. Several factors will affect your choice while selecting a TEC infrared grill. After going through the best-infrared grill review above, here are some of the guidelines to help you make the best choice. They include;

Number of people

How many people do you intend on serving with the grill? One, two or many? You need to pick a model depending on the number of people you will be dining. It’s crucial that you check the size of the cooking area.

If you are planning of getting a family grill, then a grill with between 100 and 300 square inches cooking surface will be ideal for you. But if you plan on feeding a large number, then you will need to pick something bigger.

Fuel Source

Natural gas or propane? Regarding my TEC infrared grill reviews above, you can see most of the grills use propane gas. But there are also some that use natural gas. You might also come across those that use both propane and natural gas but require conversion accessories separately.

Propane typically works best with the portable and compact models. On the other hand, the natural gas works well with those big freestanding or built-in grills. So, if you will be picking a portable model, then you better pick propane-fueled one, but if you need a non-movable outdoor kitchen grill then choose a natural gas model.

BTU Level / Heat Flux

TEC infrared grill is mostly known for its capability of providing highest cooking temperatures and lowest sizzling temperatures. However, that doesn’t guarantee that it will deliver that by default. Some models are designed for particular cooking while others are quite versatile. When looking at the BTU rating, you need to remember that the higher the BTU, the higher the consumption of fuel. However, this can also tell you the powerfulness of the burners. So, pick a model that gives you the best cooking power.

Ignition System

Imagine preparing all your ingredients, and you’re ready to start the grill. When you push or turn the ignition button/knob, no lighting. It can be quite frustrating and can also kill your grilling mood. So, to avoid this, it’s good you pick a model that comes with a reliable quick-to-light ignition system. Many top-notch TEC infrared grill has this feature. They come with electronic ignition.

Total Product Dimensions

Where will you be using your grill? On a tabletop, kitchen counter, deck, patio or outdoor kitchen? You need to understand this first. Determine your ideal place of grilling and pick a model that will fit well in that area without limiting your movements. If you are going with a countertop/tabletop TEC infrared grill, then you need to ensure it’s safe for use on the counter/table material.


Will you be planning to use the TEC infrared grill outside your home? Do you need a model that you can use while camping, tailgating or any outdoor event? Or do you need a permanently fixed unit? Answer these questions before you make your purchase. If you want to go camping/tailgating with the grill, then you will need a portable model. If you need an outdoor kitchen grilling unit, then a freestanding or permanent fixed model will do.


As always make sure the TEC infrared grill you intend of buying feature durable, robust and sturdy construction. That will guarantee it serve you in more years to come. Ensure the cooking grids and grates are made from good heat-retaining materials for fuel-efficiency.


With the above TEC infrared grill reviews and the buyer’s guide, it’s clear now that selecting the best TEC infrared grill isn’t a big deal. Now you can pick that model which you feel will give you the best results. Good Luck!

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