Top 6 Best Smokers Under 200 Dollars in 2021 – (Buyer’s Guide)

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Best-Smokers-Under-200-DollarsToday, grilling shouldn’t be expensive. As you might have noticed, there are simple ways to prepare your delicious smoked food right from your backyard. Did you know you can find a good smoker below 200 dollars?

Yes, you can and my aim today is helping you find that perfect model you can put money on and get to prepare the sweet smoked food just the way you want. The article below is meant to give the best smokers under 200 dollars that you can find the market.

I have reviewed the top best smokers under 200 dollars that I have carefully selected, stated the features and the cons of each. That way, it will be easier to find a model that suits you well. Use the buyer’s guide to ensure that you made the perfect decision.

6 Best Smokers Under 200 Dollars for 2021

1. Weber 711001 Smokey – Mountain Cooker

Weber 711001 14-Inch Smokey - Mountain Cooker Charcoal SmokerMy review starts with the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. At an affordable price, this smoker is a unit that many have laid trust on to providing the best outdoor smoking.

It’s a smoker that is fitted with great features to ensure your first smoking becomes a success. It comes with two stainless steel grates which are porcelain coated to ensure your food do not stick to them and also make them great at heat retention and easy to clean.

The lightweight, weatherproof, portable design allows it to be used as an on-the-go grill. Enjoy excellent and straightforward smoking with controlled temperatures thanks to the built-in lid thermometer and the dual damper system.


  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Silicone temperature grommet
  • One-touch ash cleanout system
  • Easily adjusting dampers
  • Removable Fuel door


  • The fuel door is quite weak
  • The bottom damper gets blocked easily

2. Dyna-Glo DGW1235BDP – LP Gas Smoker

Dyna-Glo-DGW1235BDP-D-36-Wide-Body-LP-Gas-SmokerDyna-Glo 36-inch Body LP gas smoker takes second place in this best smokers under 200 dollars review. It’s a high performing smoker that uses propane gas as its fuel.

The smoker is equipped with dual cast iron burners which are powerful to provide 20,000 total BTUs which is potent enough to deliver consistently and even heat to all the four adjustable cooking grates. The electronic pulse system used on this smoker is reliable in both cold and warm weather and allows a quick, reliable starting.

These grates offer 1,235sq inches cooking space that will enable you to smoke multiple items at once. At its affordable price, the smoker features everything a high-end smoker comes with from durable, lightweight design to the heat seal cabinet door.


  • Stress-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Heavy-duty steel body construction
  • Condensation management system
  • Reliable electronic pulse ignition
  • High-temp, powder-coat finish
  • Heavy-duty, cast iron burners


  • Premium Body Smoker Cover sold separately
  • Preheating takes very long

3. Cuisinart COS-330 30-inch Electric Smoker

Cuisinart COS-330 - for Ease of MobilityMy next smoker is the Cuisinart Cos-330 Smoker. It’s an electric smoker that is made to make your smoking quite easy. It features three removable chrome racks with the last one providing ample cooking space to hold two full turkeys.

With its affordable price, the smoker racks provide ample 548sq inches interior space that is completely sealed to keep the heat and smoke from escaping. The chrome spring door handle loses heat faster keeping you from burning your hands, but you should use heat gloves to protect yourself.

Additionally, this Cuisinart Cos-330 smoker has a lightweight and easy-to-move design allowing you to move it around quickly.


  • Heavy-duty steel body construction
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Easy-to-read thermometer
  • Lightweight frame
  • Heating element


  • One door only
  • The heater isn’t that powerful

4. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical Propane Smoker

Cuisinart-COS-244-Vertical-36-Propane-SmokerThe Cuisinart COS-244 is a vertical propane smoker that makes food smoking fun and easy. Its simplicity and high-end features make it deserve a position in my best smokers under 200 dollars list.

The Cuisinart is a trusted band by many chefs, and you do not require any specialized training or experience to get the fantastic results when you use their Cuisinart COS-244. It comes with everything but the propane and wood chips.

When it arrives, connect the propane gas, and put the wood chips in the woodchip box, and within minutes of lighting, your smoker will be ready for use. Another great this about the smoker is that it comes with a recipe book with recipes and smoking tips for making delicious smoked foods.


  • Porcelain-enameled steel water tray
  • Removable stainless steel shelves
  • Total heat and smoke control
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Twist-lock handle


  • Short propane hose
  • Some issues with the temperature gauge

5. Camp Chef 18-inch Smoke Vault

Camp Chef Smoke VaultMy next model in this best smoker under 200 dollars is a smoker I wouldn’t feel settled if I do not include it. The Camp Chef 18-inch smoke vault is a smoker that locks the delicious smoked flavor into your meat.

It makes smoking quite simple for both experienced and beginners in food smoking. My smoker here features a fully adjustable heat control dials, door thermometer and three damper valves that help in controlling the internal temperatures throughout the smoking process.

The temperature control and the four cooking grates featured in this smoker allows you to smoke a variety of foods from full turkey, baked pies to whole racks of ribs.


  • Heavy gauge steel woodchip tray
  • Two adjustable smoking racks
  • Heavy duty jerky smoking rack
  • Adjustable damper valves
  • Easy cleanup


  • Quite heavy
  • The heating element could be more powerful

6. Smoke Hollow 3016DEW Digital Electric Smoker

Smoke-Hollow-3016DEW-30-Inch-Digital-Electric-Smoker-with-WindowMy last product in this best smokers under 200 dollars review is the Smoke Hollow Digital Electric Smoker. The smoker has a 30-inch cabinet smoker that has two cubic feet cooking capacity which helps you in making backyard BBQ professional by resulting in delicious, smoke-flavored food.

With its enhanced features like the easy to clean, non-fogging window, external-loading wood chip tray, it’s a smoker that will smoke your meal with excellent monitoring.

The Smoke Hollow digital electronic controlled 1500 watt heating element will give you the chance to cook a variety of temperature environments.


  • External-loading wood chip tray
  • New digital electronic controls
  • Chrome-plated cooking grids
  • Grids adjustment levels
  • Tempered glass
  • Multiple


  • Meat probe sold separately
  • Smoker cover sold separately

Best Smokers Under 200 Dollars (Buyer’s Guide)

When you go through the review above, you might think that picking a smoker is quite more comfortable, but it isn’t. You will find that different models have different features that will confuse you. The following guide will help you make a sound decision.

Type of the smoker

What type of smoker do you prefer most? Which smoker will give you a more comfortable smoking and cleaning time? Which smoker is robust and ideal for quick smoking?

Which smoker is perfect for making sweet tender smoky food? What smoker won’t drain your pockets while preparing your food? Be it charcoal, gas, pellet, offset or electric smoker, you need to make your choice depending on how well they will serve. You need to make your choice regarding the question I have given you. Answer those, and you will have the type of smoker to buy.

Cooking area

How much food do you want to smoke? Do you need a family smoker, camping smoker or a commercial smoker? How many people are you planning to serve with this smoker? You need to make sure you get these answers before making your choice. The number of people to serve will determine the amount of food to smoke, and that information will help you size the smoker’s cooking area size.


The storage size and the place of use will directly affect the smoker you pick. Most of the smokers are weatherproof for outdoor used but during the summer, it can be quite hard to smoke outdoors, and that time you will need to store it. So, it’s best that you pick a model that fits in your storage space. Also, be sure to determine how big your smoking space is and get a smoker that fits comfortably there without limiting your movement.

Temperature control

For smoked food to get that good smoky flavor, you will need to control the smoking temperature and the amount of smoke inside. For better cooking versatility, you will also need to have the temperature controls on your hands. That is why I suggest you pick a smoker with a convenient way of controlling the temperature. For electric smokers, make sure there are temperature dials; for gas, smokers make sure there is temperature regulator; for the charcoal smokers, ensure there are dampers and vents; lastly, for pellet smokers make sure there is a chimney or a temperature control panel board.

Durability and construction

Most smokers are made for outdoor use. The smokers are also subjected to high temperatures. It’s vital that you ensure the smoker you pick from the best smokers under 200 dollars is made from high-quality materials. Also, make sure the interior components like the grates, water pan, and the drip pan are all made from materials that can handle high heat.

Smokers Under 200 Dollars (FAQs)

How long and what temperature should I smoke my ribs?

Mostly the ribs will require low and slow smoking for a perfect tender touch. So, it’s recommended that you smoke them for 12 hours with consistent 200-250 F temperatures.

Between electric, gas and charcoal smoker which one is the best for smoking ribs?

According to what I love, I would say gas smoker is the best. Gas smokers are said to be much economical than electric and much easier to maintain than a charcoal smoker. So I would recommend the gas smoker. But remember you will need to buy the gas tank separately.


I believe I have provided you with enough information on how to find the best smoker under 200 dollars. You need to know that this price is meager and most of the models in this price range might be cheaply made. As I always say, you need to compare what the model offers and its construction and compare it with the price before making your decision. Settle with a smoker that offers the best and at a low cost.

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