Best Smoker for Beef Jerky in 2021 – with Full Buying Guide

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Best-Smokers-for-Beef-JerkyDo you love beef jerky? If you love beef jerky, then you need the best smoker for beef jerky. Not all smokers can do well for the job; hence you need to take into consideration different factors.

You should not be stressed trying to locate the right smoker; I have done the necessary research to list for you the top products so that you can quickly find the best smoker.

The smokers are available at different process and sizes. Always check on the various features available on the smokers before you can make the final decision. I have listed the right products you can buy below:

The 5 Best Smoker for Beef Jerky

1. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker – For Beef Jerky

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker - For Beef JerkyThe smoker has a porcelain enameled lid making it energy efficient. The enamel lid won’t rust or peel making it highly reliable. The two cooking grates provide the ample room where I can prepare the beef jerky.

I can smoke large pieces of meat at once hence saving ion space and time. Silicone temperature adjusting dampers makes the smoker stand out. It is effortless to control the temperature of the smoker making me realize the best cooking each time I start using it.

With the charcoal fuel source, I can comfortably operate it even in remote places. I can either use charcoal or wood making it easy for me. If you are looking for the right smoker to prepare beef jerky, then I can recommend to you. Operating the smoker is straightforward. I have been using mine for about five months now, and it is still working very well.


  • Porcelain-enameled lid
  • Two cooking grates
  • Silicone temperature monitors
  • Easy temperature control


  • Only 18 inches wide

2. Masterbuilt 20070910 – Electric Digital Smoker

Masterbuilt 20070910 - Electric Digital SmokerIt is a smoker which is very easy to control. With digital control, it allows me to control the temperature quickly. I had to check on the features available on the smoker before buying.

It is a smoker which has been well built to assure me of excellent performance when preparing beef jerky. With 730 square inches of cooking space, it is a perfect smoker for small food preparations.

The 800 watts heating element performs very well. I do not have to struggle with charcoal or wood; it is electronically powered making it easy for me to start it. The thermostat temperature control allows for even cooking. I can easily vary the temperature when cooking until I realize the best cooking process.

Convenient side loading of wood chips makes it easy to achieve the perfect wood flavor. It is easy to use smoker which allows me to apply it under different conditions. I can’t regret buying the smoker. It is among my best smoker for beef jerky.


  • 800 watts heating element
  • Digital temperature control
  • Thermostat temperature control
  • Convenient side loading


  • Only 730 square cooking area

3. SSmoke Hollow ES230B – Digital Electric Smoker

SSmoke Hollow ES230B - Digital Electric SmokerThe digital control smoker comes with several features which make it stand out. I enjoy the fact that it comes with a digital panel which makes it easy to control the temperature — three chrome-coated smoking racks which allow me to realize the best smoking experience.

My process of making beef jerky has been significantly improved since I bought the smoker. Integrated thermostat temperature control allows for even and consistent smoking experience.

With up to 800 watts heating element, I can realize even heating of the smoker. Adjustable air dampers allow for even distribution of smoke so that I can recognize the best beef jerky preparations.

Removable drip pan allows for easy cleanup. I can easily add moisture and flavor to the smoker due to the availability of the removable water bowl.


  • Digital panel control
  • Chrome coated smoking racks
  • Fully insulated smoker body
  • Adjustable air damper


  • 800-watt heating element not energy efficient

4. Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker – for All Jerky

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker - for All JerkyWith the 544 square inches of cooking, it saves on space making me enjoy the cooking process. The double wall insulated construction makes the smoker among my top picks.

Exhaust ports make it easy to control the smoker. Door mounted temperature gauge makes it easy for me when operating the smoker. I was looking for an energy efficient smoker when I came across the unit.

It is a highly effective smoker I can apply to realize the best when smoking beef jerky. I can easily access the interior through the front access water tray. Grease cup and the wood chip access ports are easy to reach. It is among the best smokers you can buy and realize the best performance. After trying the smoker, I had to list it among my best smoker for beef jerky.


  • 544 square inches
  • Double wall insulation
  • Door mounted temperature gauge
  • Energy efficient


  • Analog design

5. Cuisinart COS-330 – for Ease of Mobility

Cuisinart COS-330 - for Ease of MobilityIt is a convenient smoker which is very easy to use. I was looking for the right smoker for beginners when I came across the model. After trying it for some time, it has proved to be a great smoker for preparing beef jerky.

I do not have to worry about starting the fire, a simple plug and it starts. The electricity powered smoker is highly effective in preparing beef jerky. It is lightweight; hence I can easily carry it to different locations where I need to prepare beef jerky.

With an easy to read thermometer, I can easily monitor the internal temperature. Up to 1500 watt heating capacity, it is a highly reliable smoker I can recommend to anybody looking to realize the best performance.


  • Easy to use
  • Thermometer to monitor internal temperature
  • Lightweight frame
  • The heating element of 1500 watts


  • Requires addition of wood for flavor

Best Smoker for Beef Jerky (Buying Guide)

You need to check on the features available on the smoker before you proceed to buy. Some smokers come with several features which can enhance your food preparation. Check on the available features before you continue to buy the smoker. Here are other issues to check out:

Source of power

There are gas powered, electricity and wood-fired smokers. Based on the source of energy you can easily access, you need to choose a smoker which you can access the source of power quickly.

Easy to use

The best smoker to buy should be easy to use. Some smokers are equipped with features which make the process of making beef jerky easy. You need to purchase such type of smoker so that you can make your work easy when preparing the beef jerky.

Inbuilt thermometer

You need to monitor the process of making beef jerky. With a smoker with an inbuilt thermostat, it becomes easy for you to control the internal temperature so that you can make the perfect beef jerky.

Best Smoker for Beef Jerky (FAQs)

Q: Which is the best smoker for beef jerky?

A: The above models are among the best, buy one of them, and you will enjoy quality beef jerky.

Q: Which are the best smoker between wood powered and electricity powered?

A: It depends on your preferences. The different models have their benefits. Electricity models are easy to start, but the wood-fired tend to add flavor to the beef.

Q: Is it advisable to buy a smoker with grill functions?

A: You will save money in the process because it is a highly versatile unit

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