Top 6 Best Meat Smokers For Beginners Updated in 2021

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Best-Meat-Smokers-For-BeginnersIf you know how delicious smoked meat tastes then you understand why it’s crucial to pick the best meat smoker. Many people eat smoked meat either in a restaurant or in a friend’s home. That shouldn’t be the case. Did you know you can prepare the same delicious smoked meat right from your home?

Today the grilling industry has lots and lots of meat smokers for beginners as well as for experts. So, how and where can you find the best meat smoker for beginners?

I have been in this industry for long, and my experience has taught me a lot. And since I know the hassle you can go through and the time you can waste, I have decided to use my expertise and provide a better way of finding your perfect meat smoker as a beginner.

I have brought together a list of top best meat smokers for beginners, reviewed them and prepared this review. I believe with it you will be able to shorten your search process and also find a model that suits you best.

6 Best Meat Smokers For Beginners for 2021

1. Masterbuilt 20070411 – Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20070910 - Electric Digital SmokerMy list starter is the Masterbuilt Electric digital smoker. It’s a model that will help you take your grilling experience to a high-level. Even though it’s a big model, the unit is packed with high-end features which makes it an ideal unit for beginners.

As a beginner, you will love the top controller and the transparent window fitted on this grill. The two makes it quite easier to operate it while also allowing you to keep an eye on your meat while smoking.

The model comes with a sliding side wood chip loader that makes it easy to add the chips to the woodchip box and without opening the grill door. Air vents are entirely adjustable allows smooth and precise temperature control.


  • Convenient side wood chips loading
  • Durable chrome-coated racks
  • Powerful heating element
  • Reliable digital controls
  • Removable drip pan


  • No wheels
  • Quite heavy

2. Weber 711001 Smokey – Mountain Cooker Charcoal Smoker

Weber 711001 14-Inch Smokey - Mountain Cooker Charcoal SmokerThe Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker takes the second place. It’s a model by which a meat smoking beginner can wake up, light it and prepare the-fall-off-the bone ribs. It comes with two cooking grates allowing smoking of multiple meat pieces at one.

Smoke and temperature control in this model is super easy, thanks to the dampers fitted at the top and the bottom. The whole smoker is porcelain coated making sure it’s by any means affected by weather elements while also ensuring there is minimal heat loss.

At an affordable price, this smoker is an ideal unit for a beginner who is looking for an outdoor smoking model.


  • Silicone temperature grommet
  • Porcelain-enameled lid, bowl
  • Long-lasting cooking grates
  • Removable fuel door
  • Adjustable dampers


  • Lack of ash catcher

3. Smoke Hollow 38202G – Propane Gas Smoker (2-Door)

Smoke-Hollow-38202G-2-Door-Propane-Gas-SmokerAs we well know propane gas smoker is the best when it comes to usage, cleaning, and maintenance. If you’re to gas cooking and you would, and you’re looking for the best meat smokers for beginners, then the smoke Hollow Propane Gas Smoker is an ideal choice for you.

But what does it have to offer? The smoker has a 3.4 cubic feet cabinet cooking capacity and features four chrome plated cooking grids that has multiple adjustment levels.

It is an ideal smoker if you’re planning of hosting backyard smoking party. The stainless steel burner is fueled by liquid propane to produce 20,000 BTUs, which is supplied evenly throughout the cooking cabinet.


  • Durable Chrome Plated Cooking Grids
  • Multiple grids adjustment levels
  • External temperature gauge
  • Push-button ignition system
  • Upper and lower vents
  • Sausage hanger


  • No wheel
  • Not that portable

4. Pit Barrel Charcoal Cooker Package

Pit Barrel Cooker – for BBQ MasterAs a beginner, when you come across my fourth model in this best meat smokers for beginners list, you might think it is a low-quality unit, especially with the design. But wait until you use it.

The Pit Barrel Cooker Package is a set of different smoking tools and accessories which can impact a lot for a smoking beginner. An expert knows the barrel design as being an effective way of smoking meat. Meat cooking from this smoker will be tender and fused with a smoky flavor.

The accessories fitted on this model like the stainless hooks, steel hanging rods, hook remover, to name a few are meant to enjoy you get the easiest and best experience while smoking your meat.


  • A durable porcelain-coated steel drum
  • Stable three-point barrel stand
  • Vertical cooking experience
  • Convenient charcoal basket
  • Long-lasting hooks


  • The handles can get hot

5. Smoke Hollow PS4415 LP Gas Smoker

Smoke-Hollow-PS4415-Propane-SmokerSimilar to my first smoker is the Smoke Hollow Vertical Propane Smoker. The smoker uses two stainless steel burners powerful enough to produce enough cooking heat that is evenly distributed throughout the cooking surface.

With the clear full-window glass door, as a beginner, you will be able to see your meat while cooking — no need of opening the door which can lead to loss of heat.

The general design of smoker is mean to allow it to pass the test of life and be used outdoors without worries of getting affected by the weather elements. It comes fitted with a reliable, professional-quality heat indicator which provides a better smoking temperature management.


  • Professional-quality heat indicator
  • Long-lasting standard cooking grids
  • Porcelain-coated water pan
  • Improved upper chimney
  • Jerky style cooking grids


  • No wheels
  • Heavy for a one-person carry

6. Camp Chef DLX – SmokePro Pellet Grill

Camp Chef LUX SmokePro Pellet GrillTake your outdoor smoking from beginner to expert level with the Camp Chef Pellet Grill and Smoker. The smoker/Grill is designed with a home meat smoker in mind, and that’s why it comes with built-in features that simplify the smoking process.

It comes with a digital temperature readout which takes the guesswork out of your first meat smoking. The advanced digital temperature chip fitted on this grill/smoker gives a more steady temperature and smoke.

That eliminates the huge temperature swings and provides a more consistent cooking temperature.


  • One Pull Ash Cleanout System
  • A large capacity pellet hopper
  • Camp Chef Smoke Pro
  • Large Cooking Surface
  • Automatic pellet auger


  • Quite expensive

Best Meat Smokers For Beginners Buyer’s Guide:

Best meat smokers for beginners, as you have seen from the review above, are of different types, make and come with various features. That is why it becomes quite hard to pick the ideal moment. And since I promised to help you find your perfect model, I have brought together some of the factors to look for while choosing the best meat smoker for a beginner.

Smoker type

Typically, there are four types of smokers, namely electric, gas, charcoal, and pellet smoker. You will also come across combo or hybrid models that bring together two smokers in one model. Electric smokers are known to be powerful by not cost effective. The gas smokers are also sturdy and quick at smoking but not fuel efficient.

The charcoal and the pellet smokers are almost the same, but charcoal smokers require more maintenance compared to the pellet smoker. On the other hand, pellet smoker doesn’t get as hot as charcoal smoker gets. Here I wouldn’t tell you which to choose. Pick a model according to your preference.

Cooking area

The cooking is measured in square inches. Choose the cooking size depending on the number of people you plan to serve or the amount of food you prepare for kitchen. There is a simple rule that makes it easier to pick a grill; one person requires 70-100 square inches. IF you base your search on this, then the selection will be much easier.

Smoker size

You need to size your smoker size depending on the available storage space, portability level you need and the size of the place of use. Pick a model that will fit properly in the position of use and your storage area.


When doing your search pick a model that feature high-quality materials. I mean the durable, long-lasting, rust-resistant materials. The smoker materials will be able to withstand the weather elements if used outdoors while also passing the test of life. Check the interior parts and make sure they are also of high-end quality.

Heat distribution and control

For a perfect tender smoked meat, you need a smoker that is excellent in heat distribution. That means an authoritative heating source and the high-quality cooking surface. Pick a smoker that uses cooking grate made from materials that are excellent in heat distribution and heat retention. Also, pick a model that is sealed correctly to avoid heat loss.

Temperature control

When smoking you will need to have some control over the smoking temperatures. A model that comes with air vents/dampers will be ideal for you. Best meat smokers for beginners should feature easily adjustable air vents/dampers. A model with a built-in temperature gauge will be better in determining the cooking temperature.

Best Meat Smokers For Beginners (FAQs)

Q: What kind of wood should I use?

A: Almost any type of wood chips you can come across. Meat isn’t selective, but you need to pick wood chips that aren’t full of oil and resin. Also, avoid wood chips that aren’t chemically treated. Pecan, Cherry, and oak are the most versatile options that work correctly with a variety of meats.


With the above information, it will be quite simple to find a perfect meat smoker from the best smokers for beginners. Believing you have already read the whole thing, it’s your time now to find that one model which will take your smoking skills and experience from a beginner into an expert while allowing you to prepare for perfect delicious smoked meat.

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