Top 5 Best Cold Smokers for Salmon in 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Best-Cold-Smoker-for-SalmonSmoking cold salmon requires low temperature. Not all smokers can work well in smoking cold salmon. I love cold salmon; hence I had to research on the best cold smoker for salmon.

There are several smokers in the market I tried, but not all of them were great. The right smoker for cold salmon should operate at low temperature. Some smokers allow you to adjust the heat so that you can cook food at low temperatures.

After doing a lot of research, I was able to locate the right smokers you can apply to achieve the best when smoking cold salmon. Salmon is rich in vitamins which are necessary for healthy living. You can be sure of equipping your family members with the essential nutrients if you can buy my top picks below.

5 Best Cold Smokers for Salmon in 2021

1. Traeger TFB42LZBC Pellet Grill and Smoker

Traeger TFB42LZBC – Best Wood Pellet Grill and SmokerIt is easy to use smoker which I have been applying to smoke cold salmon for long. The versatile smoker works well in other applications such as baking, roasting food and barbecue.

I was after a smoker which can serve several purposes. After buying the smoker, it has proved to be highly reliable. With the use of pellets, they add the rich flavor to the food making them stand out.

It is a smoker which works very well to achieve the perfect smoking experience. With a 6 in 1 design, the smoker works very well when preparing different types of foods.

Integrated digital controller allows me to keep everything in check as I smoke the cold salmon. Even when cooking at low temperatures, it is straightforward because I can adjust the heat on the controller. Smooth and predictable control makes the process of smoking cold salmon very useful.

The compact size allows me to carry the smoker around easily. Even when in camping adventures, the smoker enables me to carry it around. It is a smoker I can recommend to anybody looking forward to realizing the best smoking experience.


  • Rich wood flavor
  • Versatile
  • 6 in 1 design
  • Easy to use


  • A bit expensive

2. Cuisinart CPG-4000 Wood BBQ Grill & Smoker

Cuisinart CPG-4000 – Wood BBQ, Grill & SmokerIt is among my best cold smoker for salmon. With the versatile smoker, I can cook different types of food. Since I bought the grill, the process of cooking food in my home has improved dramatically.

With wind and water-resistant design, it is a highly durable smoker I have been using for long. I’m assured of exceptional durability due to the use of durable parts in making the smoker.

The smoker can roast, smoke, grill, and barbecue which makes it among my best smokers. Portable design allows me to carry the smoker to different terrains.

Even when outside the grill works very well, I can easily store the smoker when it is not in use due to the wheels. Wheels make the smoker very easy to move around hence allowing me to realize the best cooking experience.


  • Durable smoker
  • Large cooking area
  • Versatile
  • Portable


  • No inbuilt thermometer

3. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A - Best Wood Pellet Grill & SmokerI enjoy the great versatility I can enjoy while using the smoker. With the pellet powered smoker, I can add flavor tot eh salmon. There are several factors to take into consideration before buying a smoker.

For example, I had to check on the ease at which I can use the smoker. The smoker comes with a 6 in 1 design which makes it highly reliable. Fan forced convection cooking allows for even distribution of smoker making the smoker effective in smoking salmon.

Precise temperate control allows me to smoke salmon easily. Automatic electric feed system allows for easy maintenance of heat because I can continuously add wood tot eh smoker.

The smoking area is large enough to let me cook a lot of food at once. Easy to use design allows even my family members to use the grill. Since I bought the smoker, it has made the process of cooking food in my home very easy.

It is a smoker I can recommend to anybody looking to realize the best services when cold smoking salmon. Easy to clean and move design makes it easy to maintain smoker.


  • 6 in 1 design
  • Fan forced convection
  • Precise temperature control
  • Easy to use


  • Only three years warranty

4. Pit Boss Grills 71820FB PB820FB Smoker

Pit Boss Grills 71820FB – BBQ Pellet Grill and SmokerThe pellet grill and smoker is specifically designed to work very well when smoking salmon. With a cooking area of 820 square inches, it is an active smoker I can use to cook a lot of salmon.

The porcelain-coated cooking area allows me to achieve a consistent temperature when preparing food. With cast iron cooking grid, I can always realize the best cooking process. Use of dial-in temperature control makes it very easy to set precise temperature so that I can achieve the best results when cooking salmon. With LED readout, it is an active smoker I have been using for long.

The smoker operates between a temperature range of between 150 and 500 degrees making it an active smoker I have been using in my home. I was searching for the best cold smoker for salmon when I came across the smoker. It works very well in smoking salmon. The rich flavor realized makes me enjoy each session when cooking.


  • 820 square inch cooking area
  • Porcelain-coated grids
  • The cast iron main grid
  • Dial-in temperature control


  • No wheels

5. Camp Chef Pursuit Pellet Grill Smoker

Camp-Chef-Pursuit-20---Portable-Pellet-Grill-SmokerIt is among my top smokers. With a portable design, I can use the grill to realize the best cooking experience from different locations. Use of stainless steel parts enhances the durability of the smoker.

Smart smoke technology makes smoker achieve the best results when smoking salmon. Use of the latest technology in the smoker makes it among my top recommendations. With a cooking area of 501 square inches, it is enough for my family use. We love eating cold smoked salmon, and the smoker has made things easy when cooking fish.

Electric auto igniter makes the process of starting a fire very easy. Automatic auger allows for easy control of the wood pellets. Simple temperature selection system makes the whole process of cooking food very easy. Internal cooking temperature is easy to read making it an active smoker.


  • Portable smoker
  • Electric auto igniter
  • LED temp readout
  • Simple temperature selection


  • Not suitable for a small family

Best Cold Smoker for Salmon Buying Guide:

The right cold smoker for salmon should be easy to use. I had to take into consideration different factors before listing the smokers above. You need to check on the features available on the smoker among other features before you proceed to order. Here are other elements to check out:

Check on the features of the smoker

To realize value for money, you need to buy a smoker which has several functions. With a versatile smoker, you will save money in the process.

Easy to clean

You need a smoker which you can easily clean. Check on the removable grease cap and drawers which can make it easy to clean the smoker. Apart from an easy to clean design, you should as well check on the different features available on the smoker such as the opening doors to make it easy for you when cleaning.

The temperature readout screen

You need a smoker which displays the temperature well so that you can easily read and get started in your smoker business.

Best Cold Smoker for Salmon (FAQs)

Q: Which is the best cold smoker for salmon?

A: I have listed the best smokers you can buy above. You won’t go wrong if you can buy one of them.

Q: How can I take good care of cold smoker for salmon?

A: Always follow the user manual and you will maintain high-quality smoker.

Q: Are all cold smokers for salmon durable?

A: Not all of them are highly durable. Check on my top recommendations above.

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