10 Best Charcoal Grills Reviews (Updated for 2021)

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Some of us might be surprised why some people are searching for the best charcoal grill while there are more convenient grills like the gas grill in the market. A charcoal grill is exceptional when it comes to smearing.


Yes, you might consider them to be time-consuming, but regarding taste, they undeniably offer flavorful meals.

The dry, white-hot heat from the burning charcoal sears meat quickly, creating that crackly, caramelized exterior, smokier flavor, and a rich pink tender food. And of course, we all want that tasty food.

Having understood that, the next big step is to look for the best charcoal grills available in the market. It’s not an easy job since each charcoal grill is different from the other. The differences present a whole spectrum of options, prices, and features to select from.

And because I don’t want you to invest in the wrong product, I have done detailed research that will help you get a Charcoal grill that will meet your needs.

Top 10 Best Charcoal Grills in 2021

I have selected the top best models, reviewed them and came up with the review below. Read it through, and at the end, you will have that one charcoal grill model that fulfills your need for a perfect unit.

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Item NameDiameterBrandDimensionPrice
Beau Jardin18 InchBEAU JARDIN18 x 18 x 28 inchesCheck Price
Weber 10020 Smokey14 InchWeber17 x 14 x 14 inchesCheck Price
Lodge Sportsman’s Grill11 InchLodge19 x 8 x 10 inchesCheck Price
Weber 1440100122-InchWeber 38 x 27 x 22 inchCheck Price
Weber Grill15 InchWeber12 x 21 x 14 inchesCheck Price
PK Grills 9974035 InchPK Grills16 x 35 x 35 inchesCheck Price
Weber Jumbo Joe18 InchWeber19 x 20 x 19 inchesCheck Price
Char-Griller E1662027 InchChar-Griller26 x 24 x 21 inchesCheck Price
Weber 1550100122-InchWeber30 x 48 x 43 inchesCheck Price
Broil King 91147025 InchBroil King41 x 27 x 47 inchesCheck Price

1. Beau Jardin – Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill (Outdoor & Camping)

The BEAU JARDIN is an 18-inch portable charcoal grill that can be used as a BBQ grill or a smoker. Before I tell you what it’s good for I have first to tell you what I saw on this model.Beau Jardin – Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill (Outdoor & Camping)

One thing I noticed with the BEAU JARDIN, you can start your cooking, and you will love the inviting smoke smell that comes from the grill. They call it portable, so I had to check what makes it moveable.

Yes, the item is portable enough. It comes with durable wheels making it a perfect Go-Anywhere Kettle/BBQ grill. The model also comes with two bowl handles which adds more portability. Thanks to the coupling of the handles and the wheels, the model is ideal for outdoor camping or picnic tailgating.

Additionally, you will love to hear that the unit small in size as it measures 18-inch diameter by 24-inch high only without a lid.

What about its construction, is it strong enough for outdoor events? Yes, it is! The model has quality construction. It comes with steel construction with a durable porcelain coating on its round lid and body for rust resistance and strength.

Additionally, I noticed that the unit comes with a heavy-duty, long-lasting plated steel cooking grate design which allows it to withstand any charcoal heat fire for the indirect or direct grilling.

Its amusement does not stop there. The unit comes with perfect heat control and retention system. The rust-resistant adjustable aluminum air vent dumper is a great feature that allows for heat control without the need of lifting the lid. The cooking grate comes with two handles that make it easy to elevate it to adjust or add charcoal.

Additionally, the round porcelain-coated bowl and top are designed in a way that it can retain heat well and allowing a good flow for an even grilling. I will admit this a great model when it comes to heating efficiency.

What’s more?

The BEAU JARDIN charcoal grill is easy to assemble for that perfect grilling. It comes with an easy-to-read step by step instruction manual which you need to use for an ideal assembling.

Additionally, the company is dedicated to ensuring you’re 100% satisfied with their unit. They provide you with considerate and thoughtful customer service within 90 Days. Refund or replacement are both accepted in case you are dissatisfied with this BEAU JARDIN charcoal grill.

After all the cooking you will be left with a dirty grill. How does it clean? It is another side of this model that I loved a lot. The model is easy to clean. It comes with an ash leak unit under the grilling bowl and ash catcher, both using a single-touch cleaning system.

When cleaning the ash off, all you need to do is rotate the ash leak unit to push the ash down to the ash catcher for proper and stress-free ash disposal and cleaning. When cleaning the grills, use the inside lid hanger hook that is fixed under the lid to hang on one bowl handle, no need of lifting it or putting it down.


  • Porcelain-Enameled Coated Bowl
  • Good heat control and retention
  • Accurate Heat Control Air Vent
  • Durable and portable cooking grate
  • Porcelain-enameled coated bowl design
  • High-quality steel charcoal grate
  • Great cooking grate grill handles design
  • Single-touch Cleaning System


  • Small if you are having a party
  • Complaint on heat retention

2. Weber 10020 Smokey – Best Portable Charcoal Grill

Weber is a reliable company when it comes to charcoal grills. I have used some of their products, and they impressed me. Today, they boast the Weber 10020 Smokey Joe which is a 14-inch portable charcoal grill. The grill is highly portable and ideal for choice for those that like grilling on the go.Weber 10020 Smokey – Best Portable Charcoal Grill

With a weight of 10lbs only, you can throw it in the back of your car and go for tailgate parties, car camping, and other cookouts. Another thing I loved about this model is the large smoking grate. It measures 14.5 inches in diameter make it enough to grill three steaks or smoke six burgers at a time making it an ideal choice for those searching for a model with a combination of excellent portability and efficiency.

Yes, it is, has a compact and lightweight build that makes it portable, but is it long-lasting? Yes, highly durable! The model comes with a porcelain-enamel coated bowl and lid which provides it with rust resistance while ensuring that smoke circulates evenly all through the cooking area.

The unit also comes with quality adjustable aluminum dampers or vents at its top and bottom used to prevent the chances of flare-ups while making the cooking process a bit simpler for you.

I also noticed that the unit comes with a nylon handle which is reinforced with glass thus preventing it from heating up. With that, there is no burning of hands, and there is no need of using oven mitts to open the lid. Its durable construction and design do not end there, and the unit also features an aluminized steel rapid fire chimney starter.

With this, there is nothing more convenient than lighting up the charcoal using the tool. The chimney is weber patented and performs precisely how it’s supposed to allowing you to start the fire on the grill without much hassle.

After all the cooking you will have to clean the unit. How does it fair on cleaning and maintenance? The model has a rust free ash catcher made of lightweight premium quality aluminum that collects the ashes from the smoker making it easy to clean. All the ashes from the smoker gather on this ash catcher allowing you to empty it later.

Additionally, the compact and lightweight design employed on this model makes it easy, quick and straightforward to maintain.

You will also love its user-friendliness. The unit is the most easy-to-use smoker that I have come across with its functionality being pretty straightforward for even the beginners. Weber covers the product with a 10-year warranty on the bowl, lid and the nylon handles and a 2-year warranty on its remaining components like the grates.

If something breaks down and the warranty period is over, do not panic. Weber has a variety of smokers in the market, and their replacements are easy to find. You can also visit the weber official website and search for your specific replacement part.


  • Large 147 square-inch cooking area
  • Excellent lightweight design
  • Pretty compact overall build
  • Adjustable vents on top and bottom
  • Porcelain-enamel-coated bowl and lid
  • Aluminum ash catcher
  • Quick Assembly


  • Smoker Legs are thin and may bend easily
  • Can only feed 2-3 people at a time

3. Lodge Sportsman’s Grill – for Picnics, Tailgating, Camping or Patio

For those who don’t have time or patience for grilling or smoking and want a fast and hot cooking experience, consider Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill. It comes with a Hibachi-Style with a large charcoal area, and portable design is making it ideal for picnics, camping, tailgating or patio.Lodge Sportsman’s Grill – for Picnics, Tailgating, Camping or Patio

It is made using durable solid cast iron and weighs 9.8 pounds only and measures 19in x10.25in x 8.25in. Additionally, it comes with a daft door which helps in regulating heat while providing access to the charcoal bed. The unit’s grate adjusts to two heights.

You will love to hear the unit has a 14.25 by 9 inches cooking grate which allows for quick and even cooking. It is grill grate is large enough to accommodate four to five strip steak at a minute or quarter pound burgers.

However, I did not like the placement of the 2-inch logo medallion placed in the middle since it interrupts this ample cooking space and some food will be deprived of the cherished grill marks. It is large enough to hold 45-60 charcoal pieces. Also, I noticed that the frill is strong enough to hold a cast iron pot or so.

Additionally, the Lodge Sportsman’s Grill comes with a grate that has slight ridges on the front and back edges thus helping in keeping the hot dogs from rolling off. I also noticed that the unit comes with two large side handles and a wire that hooks to the handle to give an easy way of carrying it.

The Lodge Sportsman’s Grill takes about an hour to get up to speed and holds heat long enough for you to prepare two meals. I loved the fact that the unit can also be applied as an outdoor fire pit.

Another great feature of this unit is that it comes seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. The longer you use the grill, the better the seasoning of your food. No synthetic or chemical coating on this Lodge grill so is assured of safety and flavor-full foods when you use it. Lodge understands the essence of conservation, and that is why optimized the grill for superior retention.

I gave it a thumbs up when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The portable design makes it easy to maintain, and the revocable graters make it easy to clean. Even though it’s heavy-duty and long-lasting, the model manages to be lightweight enough to be brought on different trips without any concern on weight.

In summary, the unit is durable, convenient, lightweight and portable. The drawback of this model is that like all cast iron; it is prone to rust. But you can slow the rusting by ensuring you clean all the fats, oil and ash after use. Additionally, try to smear it with vegetable oil, the oil will guard it against rusting.


  • High-quality cast iron build
  • Sliding mechanism for enhancing airflow
  • 100% vegetable oil seasoned cookware
  • Rugged, charcoal hibachi-style
  • A draft door regulates heat
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to clean


  • Slow to heat
  • Heavy
  • Pricey

4. Weber 14401001 – A Budget Suited for Everyone

The Weber 14401001 is a 22-Inch original kettle premium charcoal grill that has been tried and tested to provide the best grilling service. The grill comes with a design that has been praised for years with no disputes. Both its flexibility and mobility are features elegantly in this best smoker grill.Weber 14401001 - A Budget Suited for Everyone

The unit has the potential of transforming your grilling experience. The make of this Weber grill is modern and complies with the technical standards to be used for most homes today. Both the smoking and grilling capabilities are inclusive in this single model. When using the model, your convenience and comfort are the ultimate priorities.

I love the fact that Weber 14401001 comes with a unique and excellent design. Its bowl and lid are porcelain enameled and features the top part of the grill which can be removed for an easy way and efficient loading of charcoal. The unit’s long-lasting nylon handles are heat resistant to allow you to grill through the extreme temperatures without getting affected.

Thanks to the lid shield, you can now handle your Weber premium kettle charcoal grill even at the highest temperatures. I also came across the aluminum vents that are well fitted to perform a vital role in regulating temperature significantly supplementing the function of the internal thermometer for that most excellent temperature.

If you’re a convenience seeker who is searching for a smoker that is stress-free and hassle-free, then this model will work better for you. It features comfortable ash-removal systems since it comes with a One-Touch cleaning and a removable ash catcher.

The One-Touch cleaning system is a factory assembled stainless unit which provides hassle-free charcoal ash and debris cleanup by swiping it into unit’s high-capacity, removable ash catcher. Additionally, the model comes with a mountain temperature gauge that is mounted on the lid. The indicator allows user-convenience and ability to reduce the chances of overcooking and over grilling.

If you love camping and tailgating and you fear that your next outdoor event won’t be great without grilling, why don’t you give the Weber premium charcoal kettle grill a try? The unit comes with three legs, two-wheels that withstand elements and one stand.

The three make the stable model while in use, and the wheels make it portable when you’re on the move. The Assembled dimensions of this model are 38.5-inch by 27-inch by 22.5-inch and have a 22-inch cooking area diameter. The size provides enough room for grilling while making it compact enough for the best portability.

During shipping, the item arrives in parts which require some assembly, but it isn’t challenging, and at least you understand that it’s done correctly if you DIY. You can also use the user manual as it comes with the necessary steps of assembling the unit and getting ready for grilling.

I also loved the 10-warranty provided by the Weber Company. The warranty assures long-term and quality service with no worries at all to ensure that the smoker services are guaranteed in fullness. If there will be any problem arising from the product manufacturer, then feel free to contact the maker.


  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl with angled lid hooks
  • Exceptionally well made plated steel hinged cooking grate
  • One touch ash collection system
  • Handles are glass-reinforced nylon
  • Rustproof aluminum damper
  • Spring loaded pins for the legs
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Easy to assemble and built to last a long time


  • Some assembly required
  • The three leg design is somehow unstable
  • Plastic tires on wheels

5. Weber Grill – with All Require Features

When you’re looking for a small charcoal grill, it is essential to not just look at the design but also the portability. The option which we are discussing now can allow you to cook up to 6 burgers simultaneously. The compact size means that you can move it around wherever you go without any problem at all.Weber Grill - with All Require Features

The handle allows you to carry it with you. It is also lightweight which means that you will have no problems at all when you move it around.

The construction of the base doesn’t let it rust or peel. Moreover, the porcelain enameled lid means that it can retain and trap the heat. It can provide you with a uniform temperature across the entire grill. You don’t need to worry about uneven cooking.

When you plan on carrying it around, the lockable lid ensures that you can secure the contents inside without any problem at all. The construction of the grate involves plated steel which helps in the retention of heat. The plated steel also makes it easier for you to clean the grill.

The dampers in the design allow you to control the temperature quickly and precisely. It is good enough for not just your backyard but also for tailgate parties. You can rest the lid on the side of the grill which protects it from the wind. The design of the entire box is such that it mimics a briefcase.

The briefcase-based design allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. It can fit into the back of most of the automobiles without any problem. With an easy to clean the grate and high portability, you will have no complaints at all from this charcoal grill.


  • Incorporates wind protection
  • Suitable for cooking six burgers at a time
  • Highly durable
  • Includes dampers for temperature control
  • Rectangular briefcase design
  • Lockable lid
  • The grate is rust proof


  • Customer service is not up to the mark

6. PK Grills 99740 – Best Grill & Smoker (Indoor & Outdoor)

The next option on our list is a smoker and a grill. It comes in 2 different color options. It has a cooking space of 300 in² which ensures that it is perfect for not just personal use but also parties. You can detach the grill and the smoker from the stand. You can move it around individually.PK Grills 99740 – Best Grill & Smoker (Indoor & Outdoor)

The grill stand comes along with wheels which allow you to move it around without any problem. Just below the grill and the smoker, there is also a tray which will enable you to store your condiments and ingredients. When you’re looking for a charcoal grill with plenty of space, this one will suffice.

When you look at the construction, it consists of cast aluminum. The advantage of cast aluminum is that it is lightweight but at the same point in time highly durable and rust proof. The conduction of heat is on the higher side which allows you to get even a higher amount of heat across the grill.

The heat conduction capacity is 4x as compared to other materials. The four-vent design will enable you to adjust the temperature. There are two adjustable vents on the top and two dampers under the fire. By arranging these four vents, you can control the grill temperature without any problem. Assembling the grill is easy, and all the required instructions are available.

The efficient heat radiation means that you will not have to use a lot of fuel to cook the food. You can get that authentic charcoal taste along with the fuel efficiency of a modern grill. Moreover, it is quick to cool down which ensures that you can store it away after using it without any problem at all.

The standard cooling time is just 30 minutes which means that you will not have to wait for a long time to clean it or move it away. Thus, if you’re looking for a charcoal grill which is versatile and highly efficient, you can consider this option.


  • Proper heat conduction
  • Comes along with the stand
  • Offers 300 in.² of cooking space
  • Four vent design
  • Easy to control the temperature
  • Cast aluminum construction


  • Design lacks some of the modern conveniences

7. Weber Jumbo Joe – for Traveling & Campaigning

Many of us like to choose a charcoal grill which has a high capacity. Parties and get-togethers can occur impromptu. It is good to have the right appliances to handle bulk cooking. The option which we are highlighting now offers you precisely that convenience. It can help you in cooking up to 8 burgers at a time.Weber Jumbo Joe – for Traveler

As a result, you can easily handle get-togethers and parties. You can use it for your own family as well. The compact design means that it is easy to move around. The handle on top ensures that you can take it with you wherever you go.

When you look at the construction, the lid consists of a porcelain coating. The porcelain coating protects the grill lid against high temperature. It also increases the durability of the grill lid. Usually, in the grill, we use the lid/cover to retain the heat. The porcelain coating helps you in doing so precisely.

As a result, it heats uniformly. The lid also comes along with a double lock which can hold it in its place. When you open it, the lid holder keeps it in its place. You will not have to keep it on the ground. The grate consists of plated steel. The plated steel material enhances the durability of the grill. It uses heavy gauge steel which can handle a significant amount of wear and tear. You can be sure that it will last for a long time without any problem.

An additional feature of this grill is that it consists of an aluminum ash catcher. The aluminum material can handle the hot temperature of the ash without any problem. The ash catcher allows you to remove the ash right away after the use of the grill. Thus, cleaning is easy. You can do so within a few minutes after the party.

The circular and compact size of the charcoal grill means that you can carry it to the beach or your friend’s backyard whenever there is a party or get-together. The handle on top is very sturdy which allows you to keep it in your vehicle or carry it manually without any problem.

If you think that the temperature control on offer is not up to the mark, you’re wrong. It consists of dampers which allow precise control of the temperature. Precise temperature control ensures that you can cook the recipes and the ingredients which you want precisely as per your requirement.

The charcoal grill which we are speaking about now offers you the best combination of portability as well as cooking capacity. That is why; it is worth checking out.


  • Portable
  • Consist of aluminum ash catcher
  • Comes along with porcelain coated lid
  • Can cook up to 8 hamburgers at a time
  • Steel plated grate
  • Has dampers to control the temperature


  • Material quality requires improvement

8. Char-Griller E16620 – Kamado Charcoal Grill and Smoker for Friends Party

The larger the cooking and grilling area of the charcoal grill, the better it is. The one which we are speaking about now has a primary cooking space of 314 in.². It is large as compared to some of the other options. It also consists of a warming rack with 133 in.² of space.Char-Griller E16620 – Kamado Charcoal Grill and Smoker for Friends Party

You can efficiently heat the previously cooked food. The total area on offer is 447 in.². Regarding size, it is one of the best options which you have. The advantage is that in spite of the large grill size, it is portable and compact in design. As a result, you don’t need to worry about it being bulky at all.

The cooking surface uses cast-iron which ensures that there is even spreading of heat. Cast-iron handles the high temperature. When you look at the body, it uses 22 gauge steel. 22 gauge steel is highly reliable and used in various appliances.

Additionally, it is powder coated to ensure that the durability is even higher. The powder coating helps it to handle the elements of weather. When you look at the interior finishing, there is a coat of porcelain on it. The function of the porcelain coat is not only to increase durability but provide it with a superior look.

It comes on a cart. The cart has rubber wheels at the bottom. The advantage of rubber wheels is that you can move it on the uneven surface as well. It is highly portable. You can place it not just in your backyard but use it for tailgate parties as well.

With the help of damper, it will be easier for you to control the temperature. Moreover, it consists of a heat gauge which allows you to monitor the temperature easily. You can clean it quickly as it includes an ash pan to collect the residue. There are a couple of additional features as well which allow you to use it more efficiently.

The double wall insulation means that the amount of charcoal which you will require will be on the lower side. It will allow you to decrease the use of fuel and therefore more viable when you compare it with peers. It consists of folding metal shelves which will enable you to store the ingredients as well as the condiments.

It offers you all the facilities which you might need in a charcoal grill. Moreover, it consists of a locking lid which allows you to control the temperature more precisely and retain the heat. Thus, when looking for a grill which will let you cook more efficiently, you can consider this option.


  • Offers large cooking space
  • Portable
  • Insulated design
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Foldable metal shelves
  • Incorporates locking lid
  • Consists of a heat gauge


  • Customer support is not up to the mark

9. Weber 15501001 – Large Charcoal Grill Suited  for BBQ Party

The first thing which you will notice when you see this grill is that it consists of a wide variety of features. The primary concern of a customer buying a gas grill is the cooking area. It offers a cooking area of 363 in.². It can help you with cooking 13 burgers at once.Weber 15501001 – Large Charcoal Grill Suited for BBQ Party

The cooking area is more than enough for a big family or when having get-togethers. It also consists of a bowl which is 22 inches in diameter. The grilling bowl has the main cooking area, and it also incorporates a work table on the side.

When it comes to the construction, the bowl is porcelain coated. The coating makes it highly durable. It comes along with the stand which has wheels to move it around. It consists of a metal wire mesh to hold the accessories as well as the condiments which you plan on using while cooking.

The outer surface comprises aluminized steel. The advantage of this alloy is that it is not only durable but aesthetically pleasing. You can place it in the outdoors or indoors quite easily. It also consists of an ash catcher made from aluminum. It is highly efficient and removable which allows you to remove the residue quite easily.

There is a cooking timer on offer along with an LCD. It will enable you to preprogram the grill which is a pretty useful feature. It helps you prevent the food from burning. The one-touch cleaning system means that you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to clean it.

The one button charcoal ignition on offer allows you to start cooking in no time at all. There is a separate box for charcoal storage incorporated into the design. Every feature has been chosen with great care to make it easier for you to use it. You can use the lid to retain heat or hang the grill lid on the lid holder to get it out of the way.

The grill temperature display allows you to monitor the exact temperature of the grill. The dampers on offer will enable you to control the heat quickly. You can control the temperature precisely which will allow you to cook as per your requirement. When you combine all of these features, it is easy to understand why it is such a good option when you’re looking for a grill.


  • Large cooking area
  • One touch ignition
  • Easy to clean
  • Incorporates an LCD cooking timer
  • Consists of a thermometer
  • Has a charcoal storage container
  • Can easily monitor the grill temperature


  • The packaging is not up to the mark

10. Broil King 911470 – Charcoal Barbecue Grill

The charcoal grill which we are speaking about now has primary and secondary cooking spaces. The main cooking area is of 280 in.². The secondary cooking area is 200 in.². In total, it offers a cooking area of 480 in.². It consists of wheels which allow you to move it around quite quickly.Broil King 911470 – Charcoal Barbecue Grill

The primary surface is constructed using cast-iron. The secondary surface consists of a steel grade plate which you can rotate as per your requirement. Both the surfaces are heavy duty in construction. The construction of the base is such that you can attach it to the trailer as per your requirement.

It can provide you with the ultimate portability to have the tailgating experience of your choice. It consists of ash-tray which is easy to clean. You need to pull it out to clean it. The insulated design ensures that charcoal usage is on the lower side. It also retains the heat and moisture to make your food delicious and not extremely dry.

The damper system allows you to control the heat precisely. You can either opt for high-temperature cooking or low-temperature cooking as per your requirement. When you want to choose a slow cooking mode, you can increase the airflow to reduce the temperature.

With the help of hooks, you can hang your accessories without any problem. You can even monitor the heat with the help of the gauge on the outer side. It will allow you to control the cooking temperature precisely. Thus, when looking for a feature rich and extremely portable charcoal grill, you can choose this one.


  • Provides a large cooking area
  • Consists of removable side shelves
  • Offers a temperature gauge
  • Highly portable
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Insulated design
  • Consist of a pullout ashtray


  • Base construction quality needs improvement

Best Charcoal Grills Buyer’s Guide:

With the above review, it is clear that it isn’t easy to get a good charcoal model. You need some other things to consider for you to get your match from the long list. For that reason, I have prepared the guide below to make the process a breeze.

I have gathered the most important factors you need to consider and frequently asked questions that I have elaborated below. Read through and make buying the best charcoal model will be a breeze.


For many customers/consumers costs are their first consideration and if you don’t consider it first you need to. Your budget will tell you the price range of the charcoal grill to buy. If affordability is your priority when looking for the best charcoal grill, then a simple kettle grill is your most likely match.

However, if you need a bigger cooking space but you aren’t ready to pay more for it, you can choose to go for a barrel model which costs less and provide a more significant cooking area. While you can get a good charcoal grill for less than $100, you might want to go for a higher priced one.

Models with more significant cooking area, a sturdier construction, or a grill which produce better flavor will cost you more. I suggest that you select your model depending on what you intend to spend and the feature the unit comes with.

Charcoal Grills Types

Best-Charcoal-Grill-Review - TypesDepending on your style and budget, you can choose three main kinds of charcoal grills. They are available in different sizes that range from small and portable to large and built-in. The following are the three sorts of charcoal grills that you will come across.

A. Kettle Grills

A Kettle grill is one of the popular types of coal grill due to its versatility and its availability in an extensive variety of sizes. If you are interested in a portable charcoal grill, this is an ideal style which would possibly fit you best. They are named after their round and bowl shape which holds the coals.

It’s its bowl-shape which lets this kind of charcoal grill to preserve the heat while making them suitable for simple grilling tasks with less cooking spells. These type of charcoal grills come with a reasonably small cooking space meaning that they are only ideal for small gathering grilling.

B. Barrel Grills

A barrel grill is extra prominent and a bit extra versatile than a kettle grill. For those considering to go beyond simple grilling and need to try slow cooking/smoking some meats, then I suggest that they consider buying a barrel grill. Barrel grill provides a more prominent cooking room making is good for those who like grilling for a big group of people. By getting this model, you’ll be able to make more food and at a faster rate.

C. Kamado Grill

Kamado grills also referred to as egg-shaped grills or ceramic grills, are constructed with a great Japanese design which not only retains heat best and regulates temperatures efficiently. With a kamado grill, you can do a lot of cooking, grilling and smoking tasks.

You can use them to make delicious juicy meats, grill things like bread, paella, or pizza and even make delicious desserts. Due to its egg-shaped design and thick walls, kamado grills do warm up faster and have a reputation of giving food better flavors as the heat and smoke remain contained with the charcoal grill all through the cooking. Unlike the other two types of the charcoal grill, the kamado is highly durable and can stay outdoor for long without being affected by the weather elements.


Best-Charcoal-Grill-Review - SizeWhen it comes to charcoal grill size, there are two main things you need to consider. The first is, how big the grill itself is. If you are looking for a small charcoal grill which you can move around with, I recommend that you go for a relatively portable and light.

If you have a place in mind where you plan to be keeping the grill for most of the times, it’s best if your measure the site and goes for the size that will fit in the spot. Ceramic and kettle grills are often the smallest regarding the area they can take, but ceramic types are pretty substantial so do not expect to be easy to move them around. Barrel grills, on the other hand, are quite large since many of them are in a huge category.

Secondly, and equally significant is the cooking space. If you are grilling for less than four at a time, then any size cooking space will be ideal. If you need to prepare a vast backyard BBQs, where you’ll be making burgers for around 30 people at once, I suggest you find a charcoal grill with a bigger cooking surface. Most manufacturers give the info on the number of burgers and size of steaks you can place on the cooking surface in their product features.

Cooking Uses

Some of the foods that are easy to make on a grill are hot dogs and burgers. They can be made on any charcoal grill. But in case you want to get more cultured or change on how you grill your meat, going for a Kamado grill can be a great choice.

On the other hand, barrel and bullet grills are exceptional than the kettle grills if you want to slow smoke or cook your meat. Additionally, the ceramic grill is best if you need a flavor-rick food, but this will depend on your pocket and willingness in investing in it.

Temperature Control

If you love or want to grill in precision, you need a grill that comes with means on how to control the cooking temperature. A charcoal grill id plays a significant function in temperature control. A well tight lid is vital no matter the model, brand or types you pick.

They will keep the heat inside the grill providing enough and necessary heating. Other notable features that control your cooking temperature on a charcoal grill are the dampers. Any unit that you pick should have at least two vents/dampers.Best-Charcoal-Grill-Review - Control

One is used to allow oxygen in and the other acts as an exhaust outlet. Additional damper/vents will give you more control especially with those large grills.

Some models feature an adjustable option which allows the user to move how far the charcoals are from the grill cooking area. That makes it easy to decrease or increase the amount of heat the food is exposed to for quick or slow cooking.

Ultimately, some models and types like the kamado grills, provide a better way of controlling the temperature by using their thick ceramic wall and the egg-shaped design. If you need fast cooking, I suggest you go with this kind of charcoal grill.

Ease of Use and grill Cleaning

Although charcoal grills are best at providing a better flavor, among their downsides is that they take more time and require more work. All type of these grills will need a little effort to have them started and ensure you cook your best food right. But that doesn’t mean they are not easy to use. Depending on the model and your trick of lighting the coals, a charcoal grill can be pretty easy to start it up.

Additionally, there are features that you can check to ensure that the model you pick is easy to use and easy to clean. Some charcoal grills are constructed with hinged cooking grates or an extra door which makes it super easy to add more coals without removing the grill grates or the food on the grill.

Also, some grills come with a removable ash catcher which makes it easy to get rid of the ashes produced by the consumed coals. A built-in ash dumping tool or mechanism makes a big difference in easing the cleaning process. I suggest you pick a model that will only require you to pull out a tray to dump the ash instead of going for a model that will need you to scrape it out its bottom or flip it over for the same task.


When I go buying a product my biggest wish is that the product could last a lifetime. That should also apply when you’re buying a charcoal grill. When making this investment, it’s vital that you pick a model that will give a reliable grilling service for years to come. Spending some more bucks on a reputable brand can often save you from repurchasing a new grill for many years.

The best thing to do to ensure you get a good model is to check for the materials used in making it. Are they reliable, rust-resistant, sturdy, can they withstand weather elements? If yes, then that is a model to buy. I recommend you read customer reviews on the product as they can help in understanding the reliability of that model.


Best-Charcoal-Grill-ReviewSafety mostly relies on the hands of the cook and most type of cooking. Therefore it’s vital that you comprehend how your grill works by reading the user instruction and following the necessary safety steps for charcoal grilling. It’s also essential to keep the exhaust damper all through the cooking and do not dump the ashes until they are fully extinguished.

One main feature to look in a charcoal grill when it comes to safety is sturdiness. You need to feel confident that the unit won’t tip over whereas you’re using it as that would pose a huge fire hazard and can be quite risky to anyone near it.


The following are the accessories that you need to make sure your grill has before you take it home or you have it deriver to your home. Ensure that they are of quality, reliable and well placed as each accessory is vital in its way.

• Quality Grill Grates

All type of charcoal grills features grates. The difference comes on how well they are made, how long they will last and how valuable and reliable they are. I recommend you get answers to these questions before you buy.

• Thermometer

For any heat cooking type, there is a need to be familiar with the temperature so that you can get the right results. I recommend you acquire a good thermometer if you want to grill your food right.

• Ash Catcher

I talked about this tool when I was elaborating the point on ease of use. And as I said, a grill that comes with a detachable ash catcher makes cleaning the unit comfortable and convenient. They’re commonly a lot in premium charcoal grills but are a design feature that you’ll pay some extra for.

• V-rack

If you are grilling ribs or poultry on the charcoal grill, v-rack will help you hold them into place thus making the whole grilling process a breeze. You might find some model that come with this accessory, but most of the time you will have to buy it separately.

Best Charcoal Grills (FAQs)

Q: Why Should I consider buying a Charcoal Grill?

A: The smoky taste from a charcoal grilling is one of the main reasons why many go for this type of grills over other options available. Heat and smoke produced when coals are heated produce juicy meat with a delicious and distinct flavor which will leave you leaking your fingers.

Additionally, if you admire having a backyard grill, but you don’t have that much cash to work with, then a small, portable charcoal grill is your ideal choice.

And because charcoal grill temperatures go beyond that of electric or gas grills, the heat allows your meat to have a crispy outside while maintaining a juicy, flavorful inside. Last but not least, if you grew up eating the delicious grilled food that your family made using a charcoal grill, reviving those memories can create a fun time for you and your family. Those are some of the reasons why you should try out the charcoal grill.

Q: Is a charcoal grill terrible for your health?

A: Somehow, yes. The charcoal grill has been linked to many benefits in cooking, but also there are health problems connected to uses of coal used in charcoal grills. First, burning both charcoal and wood produces not only hydrocarbons and tiny soot particles which can aggregate lung and heart problems.

Secondly, meat grilling has been linked to forming two types of potentially carcinogenic compounds like Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). But this is also evident in pan-fried and broiled beef, foul, fish and pork, not just on the grilled meats.

Q: How much does a charcoal grill cost?

A: In general, charcoal grills are the most affordable type of grills. You can find the simple and basic charcoal grill for as little as $30 and a high-end, premium charcoal grill model for as much as $2000.

Q: Which charcoal grill is best?

A: The best charcoal grill needs to be durable, come with lots of features, made with a design that maximizes heat efficiency and adds lots of flavor to your grilled foods.

For me, the best match for this kind of model is the BEAU JARDIN 18 Inch Portable Charcoal Grill. The grill is portable, made from durable materials and heat efficient.

Q: When should I cover my charcoal grill?

A: Depending on the type of model and design, you will need to cover your unit from rain and snow. Some models come with a bowl-shaped cover, and they do not require covering, but those with an open top will need to be covered to protect it from rusting due to rain.

Q: How do I keep my charcoal grill lit?

A: Charcoal burning requires a continuous flow of oxygen, so for you to keep your grill lit you need to ensure that the grill vents are always open. When reducing the heat/temperature regulate the opening but don’t close it completely. Also, you need to reduce the amount of ash in the grill. If too much the charcoal grill will reduce heat and lastly go off.

Q: Which is healthier gas or charcoal grill?

Best-Charcoal-Grill-ReviewA: As I noted previously, a charcoal grill is involved with some health risk due to smoke produced when charcoal and wood is burnt which is not evident in a gas grill. So, in general, a gas grill is healthier than a charcoal grill.

Q: Is charcoal cancerous?

A: Charcoal isn’t cancerous. When activated doctors use it for detoxification, however, as I mentioned before when burned and mixes with fat and juice from meat in a Barbecue, carcinogenic substances emerge from the charcoal and form on the smoked meat, and this might cause cancer.

Q: Can you use wood chips on a charcoal grill?

A: Yes. For an added smoky flavor, you can use wood chips is a wood chip smoker box or wrap them with an aluminum foil. The box and aluminum foil hold the chips, and the crate is designed to allow enough amount of smoke to breathe through to your food.

Q: How do you know when charcoal is ready?

A: After the starter fluid burns off, the edges of the coals turn gray. As they continue to burn, ash spread covering each briquette. When most briquette is covered in ash, the coals are ready for a spread and use. That whole process will take approx. 15 minutes.

Globo Grills Overview

When I was preparing this guide, I was interested at giving you a thorough but straightforward way of finding the best charcoal model without forgetting on advising you on what to do to ensure you get the right model. By reading this review and buyers guide, you will agree there is a lot associated with selecting a model that meets all the personal requirement.

I believe I have changed your grilling life by providing this information and you will have a model that will give long term services. Additionally, safety comes first, keep your hands away for fire and ensure that the grill is stable when in use and keep kids away.

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