5 Best Charcoal for Kamado Joe (Reviews) in 2021

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Best-Charcoal-for-Kamado-Joe-2Not all charcoals can work well for Kamado Joe Grill. You need to look for specific types of charcoal which have been made to work well for the grill. Check on the size of the charcoal, flavor and the cost of buying the charcoal.

I have a Kamado Joe Grill hence I had to locate the right type of charcoal for the grill. After carrying out extensive research, I have to list for you the best charcoal for Kamado Joe so that you can find it easy when buying the charcoal.

Top 5 Best Charcoal for Kamado Joe in 2021

1. Premier 20LBS KJ – CharĀ  Kamado Joe

Kamado-Joe-KJ-Char-Hardwood-Lump-CharcoalThe charcoal lumps are specially designed to work well on Kamado Joe charcoal grills. The pack has charcoal lumps which are carefully made to produce high heat. There are different types of food. I prefer grilling on charcoal.

The great design of the charcoal makes them ideal for the different kinds of food. High heat production makes the charcoal ideal for my daily uses. I had tried different charcoals before landing on this charcoal. They come in large lumps which burn for long. Value for money is realized due to the high heat production of the charcoal.

They are easy to start making them ideal for different cooking. I can achieve robust flavor making the charcoal ideal for my food. They burn clean and longer than other products in the market; I highly recommend them.


  • Extra-large lumps
  • Robust wood fire flavor
  • Burns Clean and longer
  • High heat production


  • Produces carbon dioxide

2. Fogo Super Premium – Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Fogo-Super-Premium-Hardwood-Lump-CharcoalThe charcoal comes in a pack of 17.6 pounds. It allows me to cook for long before I can order again. Quality is assured due to the careful selection of large chunks of hardwood lumps which are then turned into charcoal.

The use of hardwood in the charcoal makes the heat production high. I prefer grilling meat, and the charcoal has never let me down. It produces enough heat to allow me to grill food fast. The charcoal produces delicious hardwood smoked flavor which adds the necessary flavor I need in my food. I always enjoy grilling food while using charcoal.

The charcoal lights fast and burn hotter than most brands in the market. Careful design of the charcoal makes them last longer assuring me value for money. The charcoal is carefully designed to achieve restaurant quality.


  • Large chunks of hardwood lumps
  • Delicious hardwood smoked flavor
  • Easy to light
  • Burns hot and longer


  • Requires charcoal lighter for quick starting

3. Jealous Devil All-Natural – Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Jealous-Devil-All-Natural-Hardwood-Lump-CharcoalThe charcoal is made out of all natural hardwood making them produce enough heat. I enjoy grilling meat and since I started using the charcoal things have changed for good in my home.

It is among the best charcoal I have been using, and it works very well. There are no chemicals added to the charcoal. All natural wood from South America makes the charcoal stand out. Restaurant quality charcoal standards are always maintained when making the charcoal grill. There is no sparking as I cook.

The low ash production even makes my process of grilling food easy. It works well for Kamodo among other grills. Superior burn assures me of high heat necessary to achieve the best when cooking food. I enjoy pure flavor each time I use the charcoal to fire my grill. I can use them alone or even blend with my favorite wood, and it works very well. The charcoal grill also works well on smokers.


  • 100% natural
  • High-quality charcoal for Kamado grills
  • Superior burn at high temperatures
  • Pure flavor


  • Available in one flavor

4. Four Winds Trading – Natural Hardwood Charcoal

Four-Winds-Trading-Natural-Hardwood-CharcoalThe charcoal works well for Kamado grills. I was looking for the best charcoal for Kamado Joe when I came across the charcoal. At first, I was reluctant to try the charcoal.

After using them in my grill, they proved to be highly effective. They are among the best charcoals which I have been using, and they are highly effective. The charcoal readily absorbs organic compounds making them burn clean. They are versatile charcoal which I sometimes apply to remove toxins.

The versatile charcoal works well when cooking. I can apply the charcoal for many uses around the home as well as when cooking. I always realize value for money due to the excellent quality of the charcoal grills. The use of all natural hardwood makes the charcoal highly reliable.


  • Natural hardwood charcoal
  • Absorbs organic compounds
  • Versatile charcoal
  • High heat production


  • High carbon production

5. Rockwood Lump Charcoal – for Kamado

Rockwood-All-Natural-Hardwood-Lump-CharcoalThe charcoal is made out of all natural lump charcoal. They work well in Kamado grills. There are no chemicals or fillers used in the charcoal. The charcoal has no binders making it burn in its pure form.

The charcoal burns longer and cleaner. Less ash production saves me time as I can easily clean up after grilling. The charcoal is made out of mainly Missouri hardwood making it highly reliable.

The charcoal burns hotter making the process of cooking food easy. With the flavorful charcoal, I can always cook food while enjoying exceptional comfort. The charcoal works well for Kamodo grill among others. I have been using the grills for long, and they have never let me down. They are among the best I can recommend to you.


  • All natural lump charcoal
  • Burns longer and cleaner
  • No chemicals
  • Does not have binders or fillers


  • Ash production

Best Charcoal for Kamado Joe Buying Guide

You need to check on different factors before buying charcoal for Kamado Joe. For instance, you need to check on the quality of heat produced. The other kind of charcoal available attracts different prices. You need to check on the cost before you proceed to make an order. Here are other factors to consider:

Heat production

Check on the heat produced. High heat production is necessary to assure you of the best grilling experience.

Ash production

The amount of ash charcoal produces matters. You need to go for low ash production charcoal to find it easy when cleaning the place.

Pure charcoal

All natural charcoal tends to burn well. Check on the ingredients used in the charcoal before you proceed to order.

Best Charcoal for Kamado Joe (FAQs)

Q: Which is the best charcoal for Kamado Joe?

A: The above are my top recommendations. I had to check on different factors before listing the products above. You can be sure of excellent grilling experience upon buying my top recommendations of charcoal for Kamado Joe.

Q: Are hardwood charcoals for Kamado Joe better than softwood?

A: In most cases, hardwood charcoal tends to burn better. They produce high heat which makes them ideal for different applications. You can buy hardwood charcoal, and it will work very well. I have been using hardwood charcoal in my grilling, and the results are remarkable.

Q: Where can I buy charcoal for Kamado Joe?

A: You can buy the charcoal for Kamado Joe online. From my review above you can locate the best charcoal and recommendation on where you can buy them. Buying charcoal online is the best way for you to access the best charcoal.

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