5 Best BBQ Grills for Boats [Updated For 2021]

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Best BBQ Grill for BoatsI prefer BBQ grill over any other method of cooking. That is why, when I am outdoors or even when on a boat; I always prefer to use a BBQ grill. You might be surprised, but there are quite a few BBQ grills which you can use on your boat.

I will today share with you a list of the best BBQ grill for boats. The advantage of these BBQ grills is that they are highly portable. Since you will get very little space, you can easily set them up on your boat.

Without any delay, I will highlight the best options which you can opt for when looking for the best BBQ grill.

Top 5 Best BBQ Grills for Boats in 2021

1. Weber 50060001 Q1000 – Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 50060001 – Energy Saving Liquid Propane Grill ReviewThe cooking space of this grill is 189 square inches. The burner can produce 8500 Btu. The heat setting and the cooking area is perfect for boats. The porcelain-enameled cast-iron construction means that it can last for a long time.

The aluminum lid along with the sturdy body minimizes any wear and tear. The dimensions of the grill are 14.5” x 27” x 16.5”. As a result, you can put it on the boat without any issue. The pushbutton ignition and control burner valve settings allow you to control the heat as per your needs.

The preheating takes 10 to 15 minutes which will enable you to use it right away. The compact size and the liquid propane fuel make it a good option for grilling on the boats.


  • Cooking space of 189 in.²
  • Heat generation of 8500 Btu
  • Highly portable
  • Compact design
  • Pushbutton ignition
  • Quick preheating


  • Does not include a temperature gauge

2. George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

George Foreman GGR50B – IndoorOutdoor Electric GrillThe best thing about the next grill on my list is that it has a cooking area of 240 in². The removable stand means that it is easy to transport in your boat. With the help of nonstick coating, you can cook on it using very little oil.

The adjustable temperature control offers you five different settings. The electric system ensures that you don’t need to worry about flare-ups or using charcoal. You can cook 15+ servings at a time which makes it ideal for get-togethers as well.

The drip tray allows you to keep it clean at all times. If you want to keep it on the countertop, that is possible as well. The grill plate is removable which allows you to clean it in no time. Thus, when you’re looking for a heavy-duty BBQ grill, you can consider this option.


  • Five different temperature settings
  • Cooking space of 240 in.²
  • Highly portable
  • Nonstick coating
  • Temperature adjustable at five different levels
  • Consists of a drip tray


  • The cord should have been longer

3. Giantex Propane – Tabletop Gas Grill

Giantex Grill – Perfect for Camping, Picnics or Any Outdoor UseThe gas grill which I am speaking about now can generate 20,000 Btu of heat. It means that you can cook your favorite delicacies in no time at all. The foldable design and the briefcase shape allow you to move it around.

That is why; it is suitable for not just boats but also camping and picnics. The stainless steel construction along with the two burners makes it highly versatile.

With two separate knobs to control each partner, you can easily control the heat precisely. The cooking area is 20.5” x 13”. It is more than enough for small get-togethers. The lid has a temperature gauge to monitor the temperature. The briefcase type design and the folding legs make it an excellent option.


  • Incorporates a temperature gauge
  • Consist of 2 different burners
  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • Offers 20,000 Btu of heat
  • Easy to control the temperature
  • Stainless steel construction


  • After sales support is limited

4. Simple Living Advance – Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill

Simple-Living-Advance-Indoor-Smokeless-BBQ-GrillI like this grill due to its portability and compact design. It can heat up to 446°F which means that you can cook your favorite delicacies. It is suitable to cook chicken, burgers, steaks and various other foodstuffs.

You can use it indoors without any issue. The smokeless grill is ideal for indoor use. As it uses infrared technology, you can be sure that there will be no hot and cold spots.

There is a grease tray to collect all the oil which makes it easy for you to clean it. The nonstick ceramic surface is another advantage due to which you can cook food comfortably. In terms of portability, it is undoubtedly a perfect option.


  • Can heat up to 446°F
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Smokeless grill
  • Uses infrared technology
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Grease tray on offer


  • Instructions are limited

5. Pit Boss Grills 75275 – Best Portable Grill

Pit Boss Grills 75275 – Stainless Steel Portable GrillThe BBQ grill which I am highlighting now consists of 2 different burners. It produces 10,000 Btu of heat which ensures that it is suitable for grilling and searing. The tabletop design allows you to use it in your boat. The stainless steel construction makes it highly durable. The folding legs mean that you can use it on any flat surface easily.

The two burners have two different control knobs which allow you to control them independently. The pushbutton ignition makes it easy for you to turn on the grill. There is a thermometer to monitor the temperature. The folding legs and the lightweight design makes it a worthy contender.


  • Provides 10,000 Btu of heat
  • Consist of 2 different burners
  • Folding legs
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control the temperature
  • Temperature gauge available


  • The temperature gauge is not precise

Best BBQ Grills for Boats Buying Guide:

Among the many different options available, I think these are the best BBQ grill for boats. When you choose from this list, it will be easier for you to use the BBQ grill on the boat. I have compiled this list after great care to include only the best options available. Before I go any further and answer some of the FAQs, I will share with you a buying guide which you can follow while choosing such a grill.


It is not necessary that you will always keep this grill on the boat. Hence; when you’re looking to choose such a griller, it is better to choose a portable one. If you want to carry it along with you, you can easily use it whenever you’re using your boat.


You must choose the sturdy BBQ grills. They can handle the wear and tear. Also, they are easy to transport and reliable. When you’re on your boat, you do not have redundant grill systems. That is why; one with sturdy construction will certainly help.


You have to look at the highest temperature which it supports. If there are temperature knobs to precisely control it, it is a good idea to go with that grill.

Cooking area:

Lastly, you have to consider the cooking area available. It should be large enough to cook for at least a couple of people. In that case, it becomes easy for you to use it on your boat.

Best BBQ Grills for Boats (FAQs)

Can you BBQ on a boat?

Yes, you can BBQ on your boat. You have to choose a grill which produces little smoke. Once you do that, it becomes easy to use it on your boat.

What precautions should you take while using bbq on a boat?

The only precaution which you have to take while using the grill on your boat is to ensure that there are no flare-ups. Once you make sure of that, it becomes easy to use the griller. Besides, a griller which produces little smoke will help.

What are the most important criteria for choosing bbq grill for boats?

Portability is the primary criteria while choosing the BBQ for the boat. There is not a lot of space in the boat kitchen. That is why; you have to select a compact and portable option.


In my opinion, if you’re looking to buy the best BBQ grill for boats, you can go through my list above and pick the suitable option. My list above highlights the best BBQ grills for the application. Using this list, you will not have to research all the different options on your own. You can directly pick the one which appeals to you the most.

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