Top 10 Best BBQ Forums On The Internet (2021)

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I love barbecues. That is why; I try to find barbecue communities online to connect with other people who have the same passion for barbecue as I do. However, finding such forums is not an easy task.

Top 10 Best BBQ Forums for 2021

  • Smoking Meat Forums:

  • BBQ Sub-reddit:

  • The BBQ Brethren Forums:

  • The Smoke Ring Forum:

  • Texas BBQ Forum:

  • Pellet Smoking Forum:

  • BBQ 4 U Forum:

  • British BBQ Society:

  • BBQ Geeks Forum:

  • Smoke Fire and Food BBQ Forum:

So, today, I will share my list of Top 10 Best BBQ forums. The bbq forum list will help you connect with other people having the same passion for barbecues as you.

1. Smoking Meat Forums:

With over 120,000 members, there will be no shortage of individuals with whom you can discuss your BBQ experience. It mostly caters towards US audience. That is why; you can speak with others having your same native tongue and discuss your BBQ experiences.

Additionally, various sections include not only BBQ experiences but also food safety laws and how to cook different types of meat, including a veggie section. That is why, no matter what you cook on your BBQ, you can certainly speak with others about the same. The forum is fairly active, which means that getting others to pitch in is not a difficult task.

2. BBQ Sub-reddit:

The BBQ Sub-Reddit has around 110,000 members. The advantage is that you will not have to worry about spam. Moreover, you can speak about anything ranging from the BBQ grill to your cooking experience. It is fairly active, which means that you can bounce off ideas pretty easily.

3. The BBQ Brethren Forums:

The forum which I am highlighting now has around 100,000 members. It has subforums catering to the sale of BBQ gear, competitions, food handling, and awareness and a variety of other topics.

If you want to have a light-headed discussion with other individuals who are passionate about BBQ, some subforums revolve around home brewing, jokes, and even games. That is why; you can easily socialize with other like-minded individuals on almost any topic, including BBQ on this forum.

4. The Smoke Ring Forum:

If your idea of a BBQ Forum is to bounce of recipes, this one will meet your requirements. You will come across various recipes, cookbooks and the buy-sell-trade section to exchange recipes and buy them.

Additionally, there are plenty of subforums that revolve around equipment for BBQ, which makes it easy for you to know more about reviews as well as the latest BBQ grills. All in all, it covers BBQ experience from different angles, making it a great forum.

5. Texas BBQ Forum:

With over 10,000 members, you can easily find a lot of BBQ content on this forum. You can even request a recipe or go through the ones published by other members. Also, it has an exclusive deals section which will help you keep a watch on the deals on BBQ.

You can easily find reviews as well to help you choose the best BBQ equipment easily. Additionally, whether you’re looking to gain more information about particular grills like charcoal grate saw pellet cookers, you will find dedicated subforums for the same. When it comes to detailed information regarding the BBQ equipment, it is one of the best bbq forums available.

6. Pellet Smoking Forum:

Pellet smoking as the name itself suggests, revolves around the use of pellets for cooking. It has a recipe section; competition section and even Hall of Fame section which will help you get the best pellet smoking recipes. Additionally, you can go through the lounge section to introduce yourself and interact with other members having the same interest as you. If you are specifically looking for tips on pellet cooking and recipes, you should check this forum.

7. BBQ 4 U Forum:

The forum on my list now has over 5000 members. The advantage of this forum is that it has many subforums dedicated to BBQ. There are forums for different types of food options and exclusive deals and offers, along with reviews.

It even has a forum for BBQ pit mods so that you can upgrade your BBQ experience easily. The catering corner ensures that if you offer BBQ services on a commercial basis, you can easily update your services with the information in this section. The general BBQ section is for bouncing off ideas and getting some help when facing a particular issue while using your BBQ grill. You can ask any of your doubts or go through the recipes when you sign up on this forum.

8. British BBQ Society:

The forum which I am highlighting now gears towards the British audience. However, the techniques and the information shared on this forum make it a good option.

The number of members is over 5000. You will find sub-sections dedicated to various type of recipes and food options. Along with that, they have a product review section as well. The dedicated help and advice section for BBQ and smoking can help you out.

They have a barbecue blog on offer as well that can help you stay up-to-date with the latest happenings on the forum. The barbecue news section will keep you up-to-date regarding the new product launches in Britain. The focus of this forum to keep you up-to-date with the latest products and happenings in the BBQ world, which makes it stand out.

9. BBQ Geeks Forum:

Once you visit this forum, you will quickly realize that they almost have a subsection for every aspect of BBQ cooking. They have sub-sections like appetizer recipes, bread recipes, BBQ sauces. It means that you can participate in BBQ discussions quite easily. They have a competition section and a BBQ dedicated main section as well. If you’re looking for something particular when it comes to the BBQ experience, this is the must-visit forum.

10. Smoke Fire and Food BBQ Forum:

The best thing which you like about this forum is the easy to use interface. Various subsections revolve around BBQ construction, modification, and different types of BBQs like gas, electric, and wood. With the help of simple navigation, it is easy to find active discussions. The food section can help you get recipes for your next BBQ experience. While it might be a small forum but the quality of information will appeal to any BBQ lover.


So, if you’re looking for the top 10 BBQ forums, these are the ones which you should sign up and browse through. Instead of spending hours on finding people who share the same passion as you, you can go through my list above and pick any forum from these 10. You can gain more insights about BBQ from these forums and also share your passion with others.

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